Merle Braley - photo credit: Chris Ogden



Aerial photography and videography by Merle Braley using highly maneuverable remote control multi-rotor copters enabling high quality shots in situations not possible with a full-size helicopter.




Unmarked Grave Stones at Briar Chapel

BRIAR CHAPEL TOBACCO BARN 06/25/2014. Low altitude view of some of the unmarked grave stones next to the old tobacco barn surrounded by the Meadows at Briar Chapel. Unmarked Grave Stones at Briar Chapel. Recorded from a DJI Phantom Quadra-copter with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera. Recorded and edited by Merle Braley Music performed …

Shirley and Merle Braley

Peninsula at Kerr Lake

AERIAL VIEW at KERR LAKE, North Carolina near the Virginia border – The following aerial images and aerial video clips were shot using a DJI Phantom quadra-copter with a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition camera. The non-aerial shots were either from the same GoPro or from an iPhone 4S. In the following video, some of the …


Hydrogen Balloon Launch

BRIAR CHAPEL, Chapel Hill, NC – Danny Bowman launched a hydrogen balloon from Windy Knoll Circle with the help of friend and neighbor Jared Sabater. As the balloon headed Eastward above Briar Chapel Parkway carrying a payload of three GoPro cameras attached to lunchbox the GPS tracking device attached to the 40 foot string snagged …

Aerial View of Kerr Lake

360 Degree View from a DJI Phantom

365 Degree View – DJI Phantom Quadra-Copter Flight with Fat Shark Attitude FPV goggles from Merle Braley. NORTH CAROLINA AERIAL VIDEO: 365 degree view from a quadra-copter. Gear: DJI Phantom v1.2; Fat Shark Attitude 600mW transmitter; GoPro HERO3 Black Edition. Pilot: Merle Braley Director and quadra-copter catcher: Shirley Braley Editor: Merle Braley Music performed by: …