Aerial photography and videography by Merle Braley using highly maneuverable remote control multi-rotor copters enabling high quality shots in situations not possible with a full-size helicopter.



Solar Farm

Solar Farm Orange County NC

Aerial view of a solar farm: This solar farm generates 1,500 mWh of electricity every year using only the energy collected from sunlight. Aerial video recorded and edited by Merle Braley. Equipment: DJI Phantom v1.2 GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Share with your friends…

Merle and Shirley Braley flying drones

Shirl and Merle Flying Drones 08-10-2014

I was flying my Phantom v1.2 using FPV goggles and shot this using the GoPro camera on the quadra-copter. Standing behind me is Shirl flying her Phantom FC40. Here are several versions of the image. Click on the images to see a larger image:      Share with your friends…


Unmarked Grave Stones at Briar Chapel

BRIAR CHAPEL TOBACCO BARN 06/25/2014. Low altitude view of some of the unmarked grave stones next to the old tobacco barn surrounded by the Meadows at Briar Chapel. Unmarked Grave Stones at Briar Chapel. Recorded from a DJI Phantom Quadra-copter with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera. Recorded and edited by Merle Braley Music performed …